7 ON YOUR SIDE: Are workers not getting paid overtime at a Manassas Post Office?

7 ON YOUR SIDE: Are workers not getting paid overtime at a Manassas Post Office? (ABC7)

A mail truck caught on fire earlier this month. The driver says for a moment he was stuck inside because the door's lock was stuck.

Multiple postal workers say faulty equipment isn't the only issue at the U.S. Post Office on Euclid Avenue in Manassas.

Shante Whitmire who works at the Post Office says "The way we clock in and out is on paper. So I don't know how they are messing this up. They are not entering the time in correctly. So you are not being paid for the hours that you work."

Workers claim many are being over worked with little or no breaks.

Another worker Galina Page says "We are talking 80 to 95 hours."

7 On Your Side I-Team Investigative Reporter Scott Taylor asks "In a week?"

Page says "Yes in a week."

Claims of long hours without pay also popped up this year at Post Offices in Richmond and is now the focus of a federal lawsuit.

The I-Team asked for a response from the Postal Service who emailed:

We are extremely grateful to our employees for their exceptional hard work during the holiday season, especially this past week, our busiest period of the year. This week the Postal Service will process and deliver nearly 3 billion pieces of First Class Mail, including greeting cards, and 200 million packages. To meet the demand, we are flexing our network with early morning, evening and Sunday mail deliveries as warranted.
Freda Sauter
Corporate Communications
U.S. Postal Service

7 On Your Side asked for an on camera interview but only got as far as speaking with a Manager at the Post Office in Manassas.

Scott Taylor asked "We would like to know about a fire... a truck that burnt down to the ground... one of your delivery trucks and a gentlemen that was locked in it?

Post Office Manager "We are not going to make any comment right now, but I do need you off the property right now."

Scott Taylor "It's this public property. If the public can be invited that's the law."

Post Office Manager "This is Federal property. I am going to ask you to step outside the gate."

Scott Taylor "It says customers. Is this a Post Office or not?"

Postal workers tell ABC 7 News they plan on filing complaints with their Union over the issues at the Post Office.

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