7 On Your Side: Help for airline passengers amid recent Boeing 737 crashes

    (Photo: ABC7)

    President Trump’s announcement he is grounding all Boeing 737 Max 8 planes is expected to have an impact on many travelers even though the planes only account for a small percentage of all flights.

    “American, Southwest and United are affected, but it is a small percentage of each of their fleets,” said Gary Leff, author of the View From the Wing aviation blog. “[But] this is going to inconvenience passengers, don’t get me wrong.”

    “The best efforts of the airlines to avoid this is not going to change the fact that people will be put out by this, and that’s going to happen as long as the plane is grounded, and for that matter even for a few days after that,” he added.

    Although the airlines are moving planes around to try to minimize the impact, Leff still says he expects well over 150 cancellations a day.

    “It’s not the case that you’re going to show up at the airport only to learn that you’re not flying. You should be able to check your reservations online and see the extent to which you’re affected as they sort this out,” Leff said.

    “You may get rebooked instead of just cancelled, and you say, ‘gosh, the itinerary they’ve given me doesn’t work for me,’” he said. “Go online and find another alternative with that airline and ask for it.”

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