Doctors, hospitals report surge in children with Bronchiolitis, RSV


At Potomac Pediatrics, it’s a busy season.

“I just want to hear from the experts that his lungs are clear and he’s breathing fine and it’s just something that we have to wait out,” said Carrie McGarvey, of her 5-year-old son, Cole, visiting the doctor for a lingering cough.

Doctors at Potomac Pediatrics say they’ve seen a number of patients coming in with Bronchiolitis, a lower respiratory tract infection.

“I definitely believe that, yes, it’s going around,” McGarvey said. “We have a lot of friends who have it as well.”

“It’s caused by a number of different viruses and one of them is RSV and I know that’s been a hot topic out in the community recently,” said Dr. Joseph Mechak.

RSV is a virus, he says, that can cause some of the more severe infections with Bronchiolitis.

Inova Children’s Hospital says they’ve seen an increase in patients with RSV.

“Babies with heart disease or underlying lung conditions are especially prone to pretty severe infections with RSV,” Dr. Mechak said.

The CDC reports that more than 2 million children under the age of five in the U.S. will have an outpatient visit for RSV each year.

“Prevention is key,” Dr. Mechak said. “Handwashing, good hand hygiene, staying away from kids that have these symptoms is a good way to prevent spread.”

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