Man calls in 7 ON YOUR SIDE after his fridge goes on the fritz

Man calls in 7 ON YOUR SIDE after his fridge goes on the fritz (ABC7) 

Vincent Yates didn't think it was cool when one day earlier this summer he and his wife opened their kitchen refrigerator to pull out food for lunch, only to find the fridge had failed.

"I had a refrigerator that I liked, but it had a Freon issue," Yates told 7 ON YOUR SIDE.

The refrigerator wasn't cooling.

Yates thought, well, the appliance was under warranty so he would call a repairman and get it fixed.

One technician came in to take a look.

Yate's refrigerator was special. It contained the latest technology in cooling—a form of butane gas, a hydrocarbon refrigerant called R600.

"The law says by 2020 all Freon-based cooling system must be updated with a new version of Freon," said Yates.

Officials at the Environment Investigation Agency have pushed for new regulations that will require all new refrigerators to use hydrocarbon refrigerants, but this is just coming on line in the United States.

Yates says he tried to get his fridge fixed but because his refrigerator contains butane, which can be explosive if it'ss not handled properly, he could not find repair company in our area that would look at or even touch his appliance.

"You just can't cut it and replace it you have to have special equipment special ways to look for leaks," said Yates.

So Yates called 7 ON YOUR SIDE's Call For Action and we intervened.

"Within four hours of calling you, I got a call from somebody who works at the office of the president of Samsung," said Yates.

Samsung sent Yates a check for a brand new refrigerator. He decided to buy a different brand.

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