What happened when 7 On Your Side went shopping for a do-it-yourself AR-15

Testing availability of gun building plans (File Image)

People looking to obtain plans from an online seller of 3D printer plans for gun manufacture will have to make their purchase using a computer in West Virginia if they live in the D.C. metropolitan area., a page run by Texas company Defense Distributed posted free online plans allowing anyone with a 3D printer and some inexpensive plastic to build their own guns and gun parts. Days after the company posted those plans August 1st, a federal court order prohibited their free distribution online. However, the federal judge did allow the plans to be shared with individuals who buy them.

7 On Your Side decided to test the system and attempted to purchase plans on line for AR-15 rifle parts. We couldn't buy any of the firearms plans because a message came up saying, “oops, you're behind the blue wall. Your masters say you can't be trusted with this information. Sorry little lamb.'

The website also labels certain states including Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and the District as states behind that “blue wall.” West Virginia is the closest state to be able to buy one of these plans.

The purchase appeared to be blocked based on the IP address of our computer location in Virginia, which is one of 20 states, plus the District, in which the Attorneys General are suing to stop the company from posting the gun plans.

An ABC7 News employee living in West Virginia was able to buy those gun part plans with no interference. Defense Distributed did not respond to our request for comment.

“I think the argument that maybe a criminal would just get a gun through other means is probably a good argument. What concerns me is what happens in five years, what happens in 10 years, said retired ATF special agent David Chipman, now working for former congresswoman Gabby Giffords' gun safety group.

We're seeing TSA recover, at least on four occasions, guns that have been manufactured out of 3D printing.”

Web site numbers claim thousands of people have purchased the gun construction plans at or around $10.

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