ABC7 Salutes: George C. Marshall's Leesburg home preserved to honor his legacy

    George C. Marshall's home in Leesburg, VA. Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019. (ABC7 photo)

    George C. Marshall was considered by some as the greatest American of the 20th century. He was also known as a humble and understated leader.

    In 1939, Marshall was sworn-in as the Army’s chief of staff. This was during the same time the Nazis were invading Poland marking the beginning of World War II.

    Marshall built a 175,000 member Army to a fighting force of more than 8 million in less than three years.

    Marshall lived in a non-descript home in Leesburg, Virginia that has been preserved as a museum for visitors to tour. Marshall’s home is in the same condition that he and his wife left it before they died.

    He was not only known for winning the war for the allied forces but known for economically rebuilding Europe with the "Marshall Plan."

    In 1990, Marshall’s home was set to be sold with the land turned into a strip mall, but people in Leesburg raised money to preserve it.

    ABC7’s Jonathan Ellias has more on this story in the above video.

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