Consumer Alert: The best and worst booster seats for your kids

Consumer Alert: The best and worst booster seats for your kids (ABC7)

There are so many car booster seats out there, it's hard to know which ones are safest for your kids.

But as of today, it's getting a little easier.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety just released its latest report on the life-saving seats.

And as it turns out, manufacturers are stepping it up, listening to the IIHS and others, and remodeling most booster seats to make them some of the safest that have ever been on the market.

“When we first started our ratings in 2008, only a quarter of the seats we rated got the top rating of "best pick." and this year 48 out of 53 got that top rating,” said Jessica Jermakian, Senior Research Engineer at IIHS.

Jermakian says manufacturers have been listening to their recommendations - and now more than 90-percent of the seats they tested have improved guides for the lap and shoulder belt, meaning it properly positions the restraint on the child in the event of a crash.

“For the lap belt,” said Jermakian, “we're looking for it to sit at the top of the upper thighs, not riding up on the belly. The shoulder belt, we're looking for it to sit at the center of the shoulder, not falling off the shoulder or riding up on the neck or face."

In the event of a crash, if the belt is on the child's stomach, it can cause serious, even fatal, internal injuries.

Jermakian says kids in proper booster seats are 45% less likely to be injured in a crash than kids who are just wearing a seatbelt alone.

The insurance institute's "best bet" rating icon looks like this.

Many of the manufacturers put it right on their box.

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