Fraud Alert: Don't fall for this FedEx holiday shipping scam

Screen shot of example scam email from 

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - The week before Christmas is a big one for package delivery scams.

With so many gifts ordered online this year, an email that looks like it's from a well-known shipping service, like UPS, FedEx or the U.S. Postal Service, doesn't tend to raise any red flags.

But crooks are counting on that. They're sending out fake messages with subject lines such as: “Your Order is Ready for Shipment,” “We Could Not Deliver Your Package” or “Please Confirm Delivery.”

In a release on its website, FedEx says it has received reports of fraudulent emails with the subject line "FedEx: Delivery Problems Notification." These emails can contain links that, when clicked, will connect you to a site loaded with malware that can infect your computer.

FedEx says it does not send unsolicited emails to customers requesting information regarding packages, invoices, account numbers, passwords or personal information.

If you receive such a notice -- don't respond. FedEx says to delete the email immediately or forward it to

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