DC State Board of Education Task Force considering changes to graduation requirements

DCPS Task Force considering making changes to graduation requirements (ABC7)

DC Public Schools could soon see changes in what it takes to graduate. The District's Graduation Requirement Task Force has been meeting for months and so far have developed seven different drafts, but nothing is set in stone.

"We are several months away from having that kind of set of recommendations. We strive to get to that point but we still have a lot of work to do," said Laura Wilson Phelan, D.C. State School Board member and co-chair of the DC Graduation Requirements Task Force.

The latest of the seven drafts by the Task Force include possible changes to classes required to get a diploma. They include a larger class choice and removal of some current required classes.

The District hasn't seen any changes in graduation requirements since 2007.

Elizabeth Davis, the president of the Washington Teachers Union told ABC7 News, "I do believe they need to be changed. Based on the responses we are getting from our members. The concerns they are raising they want the graduation requirements to be in step with current trends."

All of these ideas are being discussed with parents and students in all 8 Wards through email and chats facilitated by the 26 members of the Task Force.

"We are really having an open conversation about whether those requirements are best serving the needs of our students," said Phelan.

You can check out the current Graduation Requirements here:

Here is a look at the latest from the DC Graduation Requirement Task Force:

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