Faking the Grade: DC teachers no longer graded on passing students

DCPS Chancellor Antwan Wilson talks with ABC7's Nathan Baca. (ABC7)

As of Monday, student pass rates will not be a factor in whether DC Public School teachers get to keep their jobs. That’s according to a memo sent Monday from the district office to teachers.

The memo reads, in part: “As DCPS re-examines the grading, promotion, and graduation policies, senior leadership has made a temporary change to impact for the 2017-18 school year only – the removal of references to student pass rates from schools’ 2017-18 Commitment to School Community (CSC).”

The policy change comes after teachers reported pressure from their principals to pass more students, no matter whether students attended class. The ABC7 I-Team’s “Faking The Grade” series helped expose these problems districtwide.

“The memo is just to say as we learn more about what was happening that we would act accordingly. Part of acting accordingly is making sure we are incentivizing the types of behaviors we'd like to see focused on student learning, not having anything that would in any way encourage people to not incentivize the correct things,” said public schools Chancellor Antwan Wilson at Ballou High School Tuesday afternoon. “Some schools, as you know, had [it] in their requirements. We just said across the entire school district, we don’t want anything that speaks to – anything that can encourage folks to do the wrong thing.”

Permanent changes won't be finished until teachers, principals and the district come up with a solution later this year.

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