Faking the Grade: Former chancellor Antwan Wilson outlines DCPS changes now on hold

Antwan Wilson (ABC7)

Departing DC Public Schools chancellor Antwan Wilson says he was working towards major changes for the school district. Those plans might never happen after Wilson resigned two weeks ago when D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said he violated a city policy by transferring his daughter to a preferred high school.

“I will just say, we were bringing in early college to the east end of the city. I thought it was important to have a selective school there. We were going to add additional multilingual and dual-lingual language programs throughout the city. We were excited about that,” Wilson said at his home.

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"More career and technical educational programs and create some hubs around the city so that we had a stronger definition of what college and career readiness is. Then, also putting in additional programming to support students who have IEPs and then also students who are also English learners. So, there were a number of things. Too many things then I can detail here; detailed plans that we have laid out, all focused on moving the city forward the next five years.”

Interim DCPS chancellor Amanda Alexander’s office declined to comment on the future of Wilson’s plans.

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