7 On Your Side: Black Friday sales....is it worth it?

    Shoppers scramble to grab products for black Friday. Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017. (ABC7 photo) <p>{/p}

    We've all either been in one of these black Friday lines or we've seen them on television.

    Thousands of consumers attempting to catch the "sale of the year" as soon as the doors to the stores open.

    According to Accenture, a professional services consulting firm, more than 60 percent of consumers say they will shop for black Friday or pre-black Friday sales this year.

    There's no question some of the sales and savings are real..but is it worth it? Kevin Brassler of the advocacy group Consumers's Checkbook says the stores figure, “we can sell this computer for $200 instead of $500 and we'll lose money on that, but we'll make it up on all the free publicity we are getting from the media covering it as a news item.”

    Brassler says most of the brands selling for super low door buster prices you've likely never heard of. And even those fly off the shelves shortly after the store's doors open. It's a strategy to get you in the store and spending money on items that aren't on sale.

    Regardless, there seems to be something we like about the quest to get the deal of a lifetime.

    Shopper April Coleman, told Seven On Your Side “the rush of shopping. standing in the lines and trying to get there first and kind of.. I'm not gonna lie, I kind of enjoy that. “(laughter)

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