Opinion: DOJ is not being transparent with Congress, the American people

(Sinclair Broadcast Group)

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) - The feud between Republican leadership in the House Intelligence Committee and the Department of Justice is escalating.

On Monday, the Department of Justice failed to comply with a deadline set by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes to provide more information about the reported use of FBI informants while investigating President Trump's 2016 campaign.

Nunes has accused Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein of "unilaterally" limiting access to subpoenaed materials.

Critics of Congressman Nunes such as Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, argue that the Department of Justice is not beholden to requests from Congress for information on this topic.

That is total nonsense. The American people are owed transparency.

The Department of Justice says they’re complying with the requests. However, they are simultaneously ignoring the specific asks made by Nunes. Apparently the DOJ has only provided 1,400 of the 50,000 documents that were requested.

Between the various investigations into bias against President Trump, the mishandling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation and now this, it seems to me that something’s not right at the Department of Justice.

Here’s the bottom line: The Department of Justice has bent over backwards to avoid being transparent with the American people.

This back and forth only further darkens the cloud already hanging over the Department of Justice as the result of improper actions made by former top officials, like former FBI Director James Comey.

The question has to be asked: should President Trump remove the officials at the Department of Justice that are deliberately keeping the representatives of the American people in the dark?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Boris Epshteyn formerly served as a Senior Advisor to the Trump Campaign and served in the White House as Special Assistant to The President and Assistant Communications Director for Surrogate Operations.

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