Roy Moore accuser struggling to find new home after arson attack

Tina Johnson, a woman who accused Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, lost her home Wednesday to a fire started by arson.

Etowah County Sheriff's officials are investigating a case of arson at a home on Lake Mary Louise Road in Gadsden. It's the home of one of the women who accused Roy Moore of sexual misconduct. The sheriff's office tells ABC 33/40 they don't believe the fire is related to Roy Moore or the accusations against him. But, Tina Johnson, the homeowner, says while it may not be related, it's making finding a new place to live difficult.

There's not much left of the home Tina Johnson shared with her husband and 15-year-old grandson. The three are now living in a motel.

"We have nothing. Just the clothes on our back."

Johnson says her grandson's school has kindly donated clothing to him since the fire. She also says the police department has provided necessities to her family as well. Someone set fire to the home Wednesday morning. Investigators have a person of interest but have not yet issued an arrest warrant.

Johnson is among multiple women who accused former judge and Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct.

"It was hard on me and my family," Johnson says. "It was embarrassing. Just when things started to die down, and we were getting back to things being good again. And now thisit's just devastating."

Johnson says she's anxious to get her family out of the hotel and back to normalcy, especially her grandson whom she says has already been through enough. But, says she can't seem to find a home to rent.

"As soon as they hear my name, they say it's not available. Or something with the application."

She fears she could have to leave Gadsden altogether, but she is desperate to continue providing stability for her grandson.

"Please, someone if you have a home that we can rent. We can pay the rent -- $1500 - $2000," Johnson says. "We just want a place to stay."

Johnson is also warning people there are fake GoFundMe accounts in her name. The one she is using is under Ashley Turner, Tina's daughter.

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