DC Council chairman's girlfriend carjacked near Eastern Market

DC Council chairman's girlfriend carjacked near Eastern Market (Surveillance Footage Screenshot)

Just after 7 a.m. Wednesday, a red car pulled into an Exxon near Eastern Market where a woman ABC7 is identifying as D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson's girlfriend was about to pump gas.

In surveillance footage captured by the station, the carjacker gets into the woman's car, starts it up and then drives off — gas nozzle and hose broken from the pump — as the red car trails the carjacker.

"I think for anybody, that's going to be incredibly scary. Fortunately, the resident wasn't hurt," D.C. Council member Charles Allen said. "She's OK. And now we've got to make sure track down what happened and who's responsible."

The station manager declined to go on camera but said they've spoken with Allen about out of control crime in the area.

The owner of the Sunoco on the other end of the block says crime in the area is a never ending issue.

"It's difficult to get any reponse from the police that have consequences so people know that they can get away with things," he said.

He says he puts up shoplifters pictures to try to shame them because prosecutors aren't interested.

Dan Ridge, the ANC commissioner in the neighborhood said "it was a reminder of the guidance MPD give us. We should always lock the car when we're not using it."

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