President Trump criticizes Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert during speech

President Trump criticizes Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert during speech (Video and photo: CNN Newsource)

WASHINGTON (Circa) -- During a campaign rally for South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Henry McMaster, President Trump took some time to criticize the hosts of late night talk shows on the big three broadcast networks.

Trump began his criticisms with Jimmy Fallon after "The Tonight Show" host apologized for offending viewers who didn't like the interview he conducted with Trump during the election. Fallon said he felt personal anguish due to the backlash that surrounded the interview.

The host infamously messed up Trump's hair in order to find out whether it was real or not during the televised conversation.

Trump responded to Fallon's comments on Twitter telling him to "be a man."

He continued on Monday calling Fallon "a poor guy" because "now he's going to lose all of us" in reference to Trump supporters who are viewers of his show. Fallon should be thankful for the high ratings Trump gave him during his appearance, according to the president.

NBC's host donated to RAICES, an organization that helps immigrants detained at the border, in response to Trump's tweet.

Trump also began a tangent about the possibility of someone else launching a late night talk show because the hosts who currently have roles aren't good at their jobs, according to the commander in chief.

"The guy at CBS, what a lowlife, what a lowlife," Trump said. "I mean honestly, are these people funny?"

"There's no talent, they're not talented people. Johnny Carson was talented. I mean this guy on CBS has no talent," he continued.

Trump moved on to a story about Jimmy Kimmel and how he would stand outside of his studio to greet him every time he was a guest on the show.

"He's standing out on Hollywood Blvd. and he's standing there opening up the door like 'oh hello,'" the president said. "I wasn't president. I was like a guy. A guy with potential. And he's there like 'oh sir, hi. oh sir, thank you for doing this.' And I always got higher ratings than other people so that was always good."

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