Radio star Delilah shares impact of son's suicide in new book

Delilah with her son, Zachariah (Courtesy of Delilah)

Over her 40 years on the radio — 20-plus in syndication — Delilah has built an audience that reaches millions across the nation every night of the week.

Loyal listeners tune in to hear the stories of others who are looking for everything from advice to words of encouragement, or sometimes just to hear their favorite song.

But in September 2017, the voice that has comforted so many of us in the car at night, stepped away from her top-rated radio show after her 18-year-old son Zachariah took his own life.

Now for the first time since his passing, Delilah is telling his story in her new book, One Heart At A Time.

She sat down with ABC7's Kidd O'Shea to share her emotional story in the video above.

Watch the full interview below:

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