9 midshipmen could be disciplined in illegal drug use investigation at Naval Academy

FILE - This May 10, 2007 file photo shows the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. (AP Photo/Kathleen Lange, File)

The Naval Academy confirmed new details Monday in a drug investigation involving midshipmen that began late last year.

The Academy says that five midshipmen are being disciplined by the school for using drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, mushrooms, and ketamine, which is used in treating depression and as an animal tranquilizer.

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Four other midshipmen allegedly failed to report drug use that they knew about and are being disciplined as well.

The school says the investigation began in late November when two midshipmen reported drug violations.

NCIS is also investigating the actions of the midshipmen. It has been previously reported that part of its investigation involves midshipmen allegedly selling, not just using, drugs.

Although the midshipmen involved are already being disciplined by the Naval Academy, the NCIS investigation could bring more severe consequences, potentially even a court-martial.

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