American University: All-clear given after report of armed man on campus, lockdown lifted

An all-clear signal has been given after a report of armed man on campus. Officials say a lockdown has been lifted. Wednesday, July 18, 2018. (Kevin Lewis/ABC7)

American University University has lifted a campus lockdown and given an all-clear signal after a report of an armed man on the campus.

University officials previously provided an update on the incident:

At approximately 1:00 today, a white male was spotted in the 3300 block of New Mexico Avenue, NW. It was reported that the individual had an exposed handgun. DC Metropolitan Police relayed the information to the American University Police at approximately 1:11 pm.
While the initial report indicated that this person was not on the AU campus, out of an abundance of caution, the American University Police Department issued an AU Alert and directed that the campus be put on lockdown. American University and the DC Metropolitan Police Department are conducting a building-by-building search to ensure public safety.

Officials advised students and staff to lock doors and stay away from windows.

Several people were waiting to pick up their kids from a basketball camp on the campus. Some of the campers didn't have cell phones, making communication tough, according to ABC7's Kevin Lewis.

The university continued to block access due to the lockdown. Lewis reported the Secret Service helped in the campus search.

Campus roads were closed as Metropolitan Police and American University Police conducted a building-by-building search.

University officials tweeted an investigation focused on its Main Campus, East Campus, and 3201 New Mexico. Shuttle operations were shutdown as people continued to shelter in place.

D.C. police told ABC 7 that they had a call for a "person with a gun on their hip" at Nebraska Avenue and New Mexico Avenue NW and that officers responded, but no one made contact.

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