Bijan Ghaisar's family demands answers one year after deadly shooting

(Courtesy of Ghaisar Family)

It has been nearly a year since United States Park Police fired nine shots at Bijan Ghaisar — and his family still has no idea who pulled the trigger in the deadly shooting.

"Nothing hurts me more than how scared he was in that moment," said Negeen Ghaisar, Bijan's sister. "I just hate that someone who is so positive and giggly and happy and trusting of everyone all the time — that that last moment when he was conscious was so scared."

Last November, Bijan was the victim of a fender-bender on the George Washington Parkway, but he drove away from the scene.

When Bijan did stop, an officer approached his car with guns drawn.

"Why don’t you think he pulled over?" asked ABC7's Tim Barber.

“I think he was scared," Negeen Ghaisar said. "If anybody put a gun to my head, in front of my windshield or in front of my door and tried to kick my door open — I would probably do the same.”

The third time Bijan starts driving away from the officers, they fire those nine shots.

Bijan was not armed.

He had simply left the scene of a fender bender, in which he was the victim.

“We live, literally with the energy from the compassion and care and love of so many people" said Bijan's father James Ghaisar.

The Ghaisars and so many in the community are still searching for answers through rallies and a $25 million dollar lawsuit.

"What I am hoping is that the outcome of this would come up with some legislation, a law, forcing any police agency to wear body camera, dash camera to save some other lives," James Ghaisar said.

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