Fairfax County Police arrest woman for murdering her mother and sister in 2017

Megan Hargan (Fairfax County Police Department)

For the last year, neighbors thought a murder-suicide unfolded inside a home in McLean, but investigators say they quickly learned that something more sinister happened.

“[The] scene was staged to look one way — we, we know it wasn’t," said Major Ed O'Carroll of the Fairfax County Major Crimes Bureau.

Detectives say Megan Hargan was just playing the part of a grieving loved one last July when her sister Helen and mom Pamela were found shot to death.

Fairfax County officers thought they were dealing with a murder-suicide, but detectives took a closer look and realized the scene was staged and Megan was the killer.

“We are not going to get into the specifics of what and what wasn’t staged," said O'Carroll. "I will tell you it was made to look one way."

So where was Megan Hargan around the time of the murder?

Investigators believe she was trying to steal money from her mom.

Detectives say they interviewed Hargan twice and uncovered evidence that led them to an indictment.

On Friday morning, Hargan was arrested during a traffic stop near her West Virginia home. She will soon face a judge for the murder charges in Northern Virginia.

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