GSA scraps plans to move FBI, will demolish Hoover Building build new $3.3B replacement

GSA scraps plans to move FBI, will demolish Hoover Bldg., build new $3.3B replacement. (ABC7)

The plan to move FBI headquarters to Virginia or Maryland has been scrapped, despite years of effort and millions of dollars in planning and preparation.

The list of possible locations had been narrowed down to just three sites, one in Virginia, two in Maryland.

But the Trump administration has just canned the plan.

The existing FBI building has been called everything from obsolete to dangerous, so five years ago the government sought offers for a new suburban location essentially in exchange for the FBI’s current Pennsylvania Avenue address.

Virginia submitted a location in Springfield. Maryland narrowed it down to Greenbelt and at the old Landover Mall.

A new consolidated headquarters would have brought 11,000 new jobs to the winning state.

Instead the GSA report given to Congress Monday reveals plans to move 2,300 headquarters jobs to locations across the country, then demolish the Hoover building on Pennsylvania Avenue, and build a new $3.3 billion building on the same site.

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