Roosevelt High School principal on leave after sexual assault victim files lawsuit

Theodore Roosevelt High School (ABC7)

In a new lawsuit, a mother says her daughter’s sexual assault case was mishandled.

She’s now suing the District of Columbia and Roosevelt High School Principal Aqueelha James.

According to court documents, the attack happened in June 2017 after a male student forced a freshman into a boys’ bathroom stall and then proceeded to grope her and kiss her.

She managed to get away after she begged.

“We have to trust and we have to believe victims,” said State Board of Education representative Joe Weedon.

Attorneys say they have Principal James on tape ridiculing the victim after she reported the incident.

“I don’t think the response initially was appropriate,” said Weedon.

“DCPS will be looking further into this matter to ensure a comprehensive review of our response and systems,” said Interim Chancellor Dr. Amanda Alexander in a statement released to parents and students Thursday.

“I think we need to call in the experts and really understand what the protocol should be to ensure that students and families are aware of those and most importantly, making sure teachers know how to implement a response if something like this happens,” said Weedon.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the student’s case was investigated and closed after the “Office of Attorney General declined to prosecute”.

The student decided to transfer to another school due to safety concerns.

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