Man arrested in DC trying to pick up 9.4 pounds of marijuana delivered to wrong address

(Photo: DC Police)

DC police have arrested a man who was trying to recover a package with 9.4 pounds of marijuana that had apparently been delivered to the wrong address.

According to a police report (see below), a witness reported receiving an unexpected package on Friday from FedEx at his address in Southwest Washington. The witness said he didn't order the package and no one at the address where it was delivered had ordered it.

The package held eight vacuum-sealed packages with a total of 9.4 pounds of marijuana (4,259 grams), police say.

When the witness was contacted by a suspect asking if he had received the package, he said he had received it and would have someone turn it over to him.

On Saturday afternoon, a plain-clothes officer in an unmarked car contacted the suspect and told him he had the package for him. When the suspect arrived at the arranged location, the officer handed him a decoy box with a smaller amount of marijuana in it.

As the suspect put the package in the back of his car and started to leave, police stopped him and arrested him for possession with intent to distribute.

Police also seized a Toyota RAV4 SUV, an iPhone, and cash.

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