Teen allegedly tazes, beats, robs Montgomery County cop's son during Damascus drug deal

Fernando DeWeese (Montgomery County Police)

The son of a veteran Montgomery County police officer was abducted, robbed, beaten and electrically shocked during a botched marijuana deal.

On Thursday, October 18, the officer's son drove to the Weis Market with two friends to allegedly purchase pot from 18-year-old Fernando DeWeese. It was around 9:30 p.m. The officer’s son got into DeWeese's pickup truck, which promptly sped away.

"Two subjects in the back seat attacked him and one was using a taser of on him," police wrote in charging documents obtained by ABC7. "All three suspects in the truck were wearing masks. [The victim] was punched numerous times in the head and face."

The trio of suspects allegedly stole the victim's Nike sneakers, sweatpants and cash before dropping him off near John T. Baker Middle School. The victim called police and went to the hospital for a possible broken nose and eye socket.

The following day, the victim and his father happened to spot DeWeese's 2001 Ford F250 pickup parked at the Safeway gas station in the rural town of around 15,000 people.

"[The victim] was positive that it was the truck that he was robbed in," authorities further noted.

The victim’s father jotted down the truck's license plate number and observed one of his son's Nike stolen shoes in the open cargo bed. Detectives used that information to track the vehicle to DeWeese's home along Santa Anita Terrace in Damascus. They arrested the 18-year-old and impounded his Ford pickup.

“Lately we’ve been in the news with everything that’s happened at the high school with the JV football team, which was a shock to everybody," said Matt Lieberson who lives across the street from DeWeese. “But it’s still surprising because it's such a nice community.”

During an interview with police, DeWeese reportedly claimed the officer's son owed him $300 for previous marijuana purchases, and had attempted to repay his debts with counterfeit currency. Although DeWeese confessed to physically assaulting the victim, he denied stealing any items or using a taser.

ABC7 is not naming the officer or his son. However, we can report the officer is a 16-year veteran of the department and is currently assigned to the Chief Internal Affairs Division.

DeWeese, who is out of jail on a $5,000 unsecured personal bond, recently hired criminal defense attorney Kush Arora.

"Allegations are just that, they're allegations," Arora told ABC7 by telephone. "They need evidence and they need proof and it needs to be something the prosecutor feels is appropriate to go forward on."

DeWeese faces 125 years in prison on a combo platter of charges. Yet, multiple sources say the case might be dropped due to unreliable witness statements. "Everybody's lying," said one law enforcement source with knowledge of the case.

This is the second incident of its kind in the last 12 months. In November 2017, Eric Allie, Jr. robbed the son of a different Montgomery County police officer near Whetstone Elementary School in Montgomery Village.

The 22-year-old pointed a handgun at the cop's son while demanding money and marijuana. The victim devised a impromptu plan, luring Allie, Jr. to his family’s Germantown home where his father came to his aid, gun and police radio in hand.

In March, a Montgomery County Circuit Court judge sentenced Allie to 18 months in jail, plus three years of supervised probation.

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