Should PG schools CEO Maxwell get a $1.2 million severance package for leaving?

Kevin Maxwell (ABC7)

Talk of a possible $1,000,000-plus severance package for soon-to-be-departing Prince George’s County Schools CEO Kevin Maxwell has people talking.

Some say Maxwell had a deal and the school system should honor it.

More than two months ago, Maxwell seemed to say he was resigning. But his actual words in a statement were that he was going to focus on his transition out of the school system.

And he hasn’t left yet.

According to multiple sources, his lawyer is seeking full payment for the remaining three-and-a-half years on his contract before he steps aside.

A negotiated proposal is expected to be presented to the school board next Thursday.

Maxwell’s detractors on the board say they’ll vote no.

“Frankly, the CEO made a lot of errors while he was here,” says David Murray, a school board member. “It’s not like he’s exactly leaving on good terms. We don’t pay our teachers or principals when they leave, so why would we pay him not to finish out a contract that he pledged to fulfill.”

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