Stafford County deputy has rescued more than a dozen eagles in last decade

(Courtesy of Sergeant Anthony McCall)

Above the water and below the clouds, eagles guard this swath of Stafford County.

Sergeant Anthony McCall has been saving eagles in Stafford County for more than a decade.

"We help out with wildlife because it needs to be done. They are out there, they need help, we are here to help," said McCall.

This weekend, cell phone video recorded his 13th rescue.

"You can feel the pressure. It feels like they are going to break your hand. It’s a lot of power," said McCall.

During our interview, McCall spotted two eagles perched over the Potomac, and we couldn’t help but wonder if they had met McCall before.

"When you see a bird that you didn’t know was going to make it and then five, seven months later he flies off if that is the case I am very proud," said McCall.

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