Accused of stealing 2 pythons, Fairfax student caught after posting video on Snapchat

Accused of stealing 2 pythons, Va. student caught after posting video on Snapchat.

First, a Fairfax City pet store reported to police that two ball pythons had been stolen.

Then a witness alerted investigators that a W.T. Woodson High School student was posting videos of a snake on Snapchat.

According to a search warrant, the witness asked the student if he stole the snake and the student replied, “Yeah. Why?”

A school resource officer says the same student recently brought a small snake to class.

Court records show the student “denied stealing any snakes.”

But the witness who told the police about the Snapchat account said the boy was planning to breed and sell snakes, which combined cost roughly $180.

Fairfax City police tell ABC7 the boy will get juvenile diversion. A diverted case can be resolved informally, such as counseling, treatment or community service.

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