Man charged after jumping White House security barrier leaving backpack on grounds

Police charged a man who jumped a security barrier at the White House. Tuesday, June 18, 2018 (ABC7 photo)

A man has been charged after he jumped a security barrier at the White House and dropped a backpack on the grounds before being captured by Secret Service officers.

Secret Service officials say 29-year-old Alexander Thomas Miner has been charged with unlawful entry. He was taken to the Metropolitan Police Department for processing after being taken into custody.

The incident led to a lockdown at the White House. Authorities investigated the backpack and declared it safe.

Officials say the package was dropped by the Ellipse zero mile marker near the White House grounds.

According to the Secret Service, the Miner jumped the barrier on the south side of the White House complex between the Ellipse and E Street.

He dropped the backpack and was promptly taken into custody by officers.

The White House north fence line and E Street were closed to pedestrian and vehicle traffic during the investigation. Additionally, 17th Street was closed from D Street to New York Avenue.

The incident was caught on camera by Jim Tripp. Watch below:

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