Seattle hosts nation's largest release of electric share bikes

KOMO photo

SEATTLE - Hundreds of new electrically assisted bicycles are on the streets of Seattle on Monday as the city hosts the largest e-bike release in the nation.

LimeBike launched the new electric bikes over the weekend. They say it should make bike-sharing more popular than ever in the hilly Puget Sound city.

At least 300 of the e-bikes are already scattered around the city, and 200 more should be here by Wednesday.

LimeBike says that will give Seattle more shared e-bikes than any other city in the nation - which makes sense given the hilly challenges for bike riders in Seattle.

The extra electric power boost will be helpful up our steep hills, according to some bike riders who are ready to try out the new wheels.

"Well, I'll see how it works," bike-share user Mary Jo Porter told KOMO News. "And if I can get up the hill home, yeah, I would likely use this five to six times a week."

It costs $1 to unlock one of the new green e-bikes, plus 10 cents for every minute of riding time.

The maximum speed is 14.5 miles an hour - and the maximum range is 62 miles on a charge.

LimeBike says they want e-bikes to eventually make up 40 percent of their bike-share fleet in Seattle.

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