With this ring: Couple gives hotel employee gift after she finds their diamond ring

    After France Hubbard found a couple's special diamond ring and returned it, they showed their appreciation by getting her one of her own (Comfort Inn & Suites)

    LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Many people know what it's like to leave something behind at a hotel.

    But, an item someone left behind at the Comfort Inn & Suites in Lynchburg was much more special and how it was reunited with its owner was pretty special.

    France Hubbard, who works at the Comfort Inn & Suites, said while she does the laundry, she sometimes finds clothing and even false teeth, glasses, you name it.

    In April, Hubbard said she saw a soda pop tab and quickly realized it was actually something much more special.

    "When I picked it up and brought it up, I saw the diamond on top," she said.

    Hubbard immediately turned it into her manager and after it was under lock and key for 30 days, she was able to claim the ring.

    "I didn't even want to know how valuable was the ring or nothing, I just wanted to wear the ring," Hubbard said.

    In June, Steve and Shirley Garrett, who had lost the ring, were back at the hotel searching for the lost and found to see if anyone had found it.

    The ring originally belonged to Steve's mother and is at least 40 years old.

    "It's silver, I think, and it's got a thinner stone that's square," Steve said.

    When Hubbard found out that Steve and Shirley were at the hotel asking about the ring, she didn't think twice about giving it back to them.

    "It wasn't mine, but I'm making you happy because I kept it for you," she said.

    The Garrett's said they were in disbelief about Hubbard's generosity and amazed that the ring was not lost for good.

    So, they decided to show Hubbard just how much they appreciated her.

    "He gave me a beautiful diamond, with so much diamonds on it," Hubbard said.

    She says she's so grateful and already knows exactly where she will wear it.

    Hubbard says she is overjoyed and thankful for the Garrett's and the hotel held a ceremony last week to give the ring back to the Garrett's, which is where the couple surprised Hubbard with her very own ring.

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