Can Sonospine help you the way it helped Stephen Jamison?

Do you qualify for minimally invasive ultrasonic surgery?

Having not been able to pursue his passion in years, Stephen Jamison was ready to try anything for a chance to hit the slopes once again. That’s when he found Sonospine.

A few mere months after undergoing a minimally disruptive surgery involving the implementation of screws and rods in his lower back, Jamison was back doing the activities he loves – and skiing was at the top of his list. He spent a week in Copper Mountain, Colorado, devoting his time to testing his new limits. To his delight, his spine passed the various exams with flying colors.

“My back performed beautifully,” Jamison says, ecstatic with his trip’s findings. “I could ski as well as I ever could. Knowing my back is capable of supporting my addiction makes a huge difference in my life choices as I approach retirement.”

The only ski-related pain Jamison felt on his entire trip stemmed from his piriformis regarding a short sciatic flare-up, but none of the discomfort was in any way related to his L-4/L-5 region. “I can deal with piriformis syndrome by stretching,” he says, and surely enough, the discomfort from that instance went away with a few brief-but-deep stretches.

While he never faced any real danger, Jamison did encounter something of a scare on his first day, slipping on a patch of slippery ice as he walked over to the base lodge. “I fell right on my tailbone,” he claims, relaying just how much it hurt in the moment. However, he experienced “no aftereffects” and all of his surgical implants “held nicely.” In a way, it was re-assuring for him to know that the surgery had indeed worked and would remain durable under even the harshest forms of stress.

Do you deal with chronic back or neck pain that’s left you feeling helpless and unable to enjoy the greater splendors of life? Are you too afraid to undergo surgeries that come with too many side effects to keep track of? Contact Sonospine for a free MRI review to determine if minimally invasive ultrasonic surgery is right for you.