Alexandria amputee football player inspires with his story of perseverance

Amputee football player inspires with his story of perseverance (ABC7)

From afar, Sebastian Bonaiuto looks like any other Edison High School football player.

Except Sebastian, miraculously plays football with only one leg.

"I think the hardest part was being out of school and being away from friends for eight to nine months," said Sebastian.

In the summer of 2016, Sebastian started dealing with foot problems.

Turns out Sebastian had osteosarcoma, a bone cancer.

"I did eight rounds of chemo, in the middle of that, I had my foot amputated," Sebastian said.

The thought of losing his leg raised one immediate question for Sebastian.

"I just wanted to know if i was going to be able to play sports again," Sebastian said.

While undergoing cancer treatment at Inova Children's Hospital, Sebastian rode an indoor bike, determined to get back on the football field.

He did not play his freshman year due to the surgeries on his foot.

But now as a junior, with his prosthetic leg , Sebastian is the team's long snapper.

"It feels pretty weird obviously, it's not my body I am running with, but i have gotten used to it" said Sebastian.

Recently, Sebastian had a chance of a lifetime.

He was asked to be a part of the ceremonial coin toss with Alex Ovechkin for the Redskins home opener.

"It's just crazy thinking that i was out there i see that happen on TV every week and to think i was actually there for it was pretty awesome," Sebastian said.

Just another chapter in Sebastian's amazing story.

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