Sue Lee leads the way for Hayfield's golf team

Sue Lee has quickly become the best player for Hayfield golf and she is only a freshman.

Sue Lee is quickly becoming one of the best high school golfers in the area.

Before the season started, Lee tried out for Hayfield high school's golf team just hoping to make the squad, the freshman quickly became the best player on the team.

" We haven't lost so far, so if we keep winning, I think we can make it to Regionals," said Sue Lee, freshman golfer at Hayfield high school.

"She's got us to now, we are the favorites to win the district tournament," said Hayfield golf head coach John Terrien.

The Hayfield golfer says she couldn't have done any of this without her father.

"My dad is literally the reason I am playing from the start, age five, all the way up he has been coaching me and teaching me," Lee said.

Sue Lee's ultimate goal?

"I really want to go into college golf, so I hope throughout my four years in high school I keep doing well," Lee said.

"I see her being an LPGA pro down the road, I don't know if she sees herself there yet, but I do," Terrien said.

Watch the video above for the full story with ABC7's Erin Hawksworth.

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