Toyota Team Player: Amber and Michael Yuille

Michael and Amber Yuille aren’t a typical brother-sister duo.

“I told her and a couple other people I had to keep my shades on after the game,” Michael said. “I didn’t let it get to me until then but I let a couple tears roll after that I was too excited to see something like that happen.”

Recent Northwestern High School graduate Michael and his sister Amber, a rising Northwestern sophomore, both pitched their teams en route to the Maryland state championship.

“I thought it was really fun to celebrate with all my friends and celebrate with my brother was even more amazing,” Amber said.

Sherwood High School’s softball team won the crown six years in a row – until this year. Amber and the Jaguars halted the Warriors win streak with an 8-4 victory for the state title.

“It was overwhelming that we actually won states considering we played against Sherwood and they were back-to-back for so many years and undefeated and everything,” Amber said.

Michael, who only began pitching last year, pitched in both the state semifinals and the finals. He tossed six scoreless innings in the 8-0 win over Howard High School.

“The fact that my coach turned around and said you’re the guy for the game, it’s what I’ve been working for,” Michael said.

The George Mason University baseball commit began playing baseball because of a growing passion and the difficulty of the game. Amber said Michael’s influence brought her to softball.

“When I was younger, I would go to almost all of his games so I knew he was always at baseball, always working,” Amber said.

Congratulations, Michael and Amber, you’re this week’s Toyota Team Players.

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