Toyota Team Player: Emma and Shannon Lee

Shannon Lee

Battlefield high school’s All-Met defender Shannon Lee loves playing soccer with her twin sister Emma.

"It's really interesting because we have been playing together since we were three-years-old," said Shannon Lee.

The twins are never alone and always have each other to train with.

"We know how to push each other buttons, which makes it that much more competitive," Emma Lee said.

Not only was Battlefield the top ranked girls soccer team in the country, but the Lee sisters helped the Bobcats win three straight state titles.

Now, the twins will both play at George Mason next season.

"It's actually pretty cool, the funny thing is we will be rooming together next year," said Shannon Lee.

"I think at first it we were both scared and coach recognized that and wanted both of us we get to stay together," Emma added.

Soccer runs in their blood.

"We all played soccer my dad played soccer," said Shannon Lee. "He worked for DC United and ran a couple of World Cups."

Congratulations Shannon and Emma Lee you are this week’s Toyota Team Players.

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