Toyota Team Player: Justin Shockey

Justin Shockey

Meet the USA Today’s boys lacrosse Player of the Year Justin Shockey, who also received all-met honors.

"It's an incredible honor really," Shockey said. "It is not just me, it is really a testament to this team and all of our success this year."

In his senior season, Shockey led Landon School to its first ever 21-0 undefeated season.

"It's funny, my freshman year one of my buddies, sent me a text '2017 senior year we have a chance to be undefeated,'" Justin said. "We have all the pieces we need to stay focused and give it our all."

Regarded as the nation’s most respected face-off prospect, Justin won 79.3 percent of his faces this season.

But lacrosse isn’t his only passion.

In fifth grade, Justin fell in love with white-water kayaking. From an early age, he set the ambitious goal to take on the Great Falls of the Potomac River, a Class V set for the most experienced kayakers. Shockey accomplished his goal for the first time in July 2013 and will never forget it.

But in middle school, Shockey had to chose one sport over the other.

"I almost gave up lacrosse but i had some great mentors," Justin said. "Upper class guys that encouraged me to stick with it and I thank them for that."

Shockey ended his high school career as one of the Landon all-time greats and will now try to make his mark at the United States Naval Academy next year.

"We are thrilled not only a great player, good person those thing more important to me than being a good lacrosse player," said Landon head coach Rob Bordley.

Congratulations Justin Shockey you are this week’s Toyota Team Player.

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