Bryce Harper wore a Vegas Golden Knights jersey at Stanley Cup Final Game 4 in D.C.


    Bryce Harper may play his baseball in D.C., but he isn’t supporting the city’s hockey team in the Stanley Cup Final.

    Harper, the Nationals star and Las Vegas native, wore a Vegas Golden Knights jersey during Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final.

    Twitter user @MilyVanilly took a photo of Harper standing in a suite wearing the jersey.

    Another photo was also later taken of Harper, along with his wife, Kayla, during a time when the Golden Knights were losing by a sizable margin.

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    After the game, Harper posted a photo on Instagram where he and his wife were smiling despite the a 6-2 loss by Vegas.

    Harper has been cheering on the Golden Knights throughout the Stanley Cup Final.

    Harper, though, has supported the Capitals in the past and likely would be in the Stanley Cup Final if they weren’t playing the Golden Knights. At least two of his teammates, Ryan Zimmerman and Max Scherzer, were at the game and did just that.


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