Redskins honor '87 replacement players with SB rings during Caps parade

Washington Redskins honor 1987 replacement players with Super Bowl rings during Caps championship parade. Tuesday, June 12, 2018 (Washington Redskins/Twitter, Caps parade, right, photo courtesy of ABC7)

The Washington Capitals aren't the only D.C. area pro sports team holding a championship ceremony on Tuesday. The Redskins awarded their replacement players from the 1987 season with Super Bowl rings.

Several team officials from the '87 squad spoke during the event, and presented each player with a Super Bowl ring. Approximately 22 former replacement players attended the ceremony, according to ESPN.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, a team photo was taken with a banner in the background that read, "Congratulations Undefeated Replacements."

During the 1987 NFL season, a players strike took place, and teams added replacement players to their rosters.

The Redskins replacement players went 3-0 during that time and were credited by some for saving the team's season.

The team went on to defeat the Denver Broncos 42-10 in Super Bowl XXII. Quarterback Doug Williams was named Super Bowl M.V.P.

According to ESPN's John Keim, each Redskins replacement player received a playoff share of $27,000 for playing in the team's postseason games, but weren't given a championship ring.

ESPN adds several former Redskins players, including Williams and defensive lineman Dexter Manley stated the replacement players deserved a ring for their contributions to the team.

The Caps parade began at 11 a.m. Tuesday and attracted massive crowds. The rally was held at the parade end point, at 7th Street and the National Mall.

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