Five tasty treats that won't break your diet

    Being on a diet is usually equated with zero desserts, zero sugar and zero fun. However, that doesn't have to be so. With these healthy desserts, you can enjoy yourself and satisfy your sweet tooth all without breaking your diet.<br><p>{/p}

    Being on a diet does not mean you have to forgo desserts. No, you don't want to eat a gallon of ice cream every night or pig out on cheesecake whenever the opportunity arises. However, there are plenty of ways you can treat yourself without sabotaging your weight-loss goals. The internet is full of healthy desserts that are both delicious and enjoyed guilt-free.

    Here are five tasty treats that won't break your diet.

    Avocado brownies. If you haven't noticed, people promoting a healthy lifestyle have started advertising the use of legumes, like chickpeas or black beans, over flour in baked goods. Is it healthier? Sure. Does it also make you squirm just a little bit? Well, if the answer is yes, try using avocado for your substitution instead - especially when baking brownies.

    The flavor of an avocado is mild enough that it easily blends into the chocolate brownie batter, all while adding a healthy dose of nutrients to a treat that is usually loaded with sugars and empty calories. These particular brownies also happen to be egg-free and dairy-free, so give them a try the next time your craving that famous square-shaped snack. You might be pleasantly surprised.

    Chocolate banana cookies. These little treats are not only perfect for dessert, but they are healthy enough to have for breakfast or as a mid-day (or midnight) snack. That, however, isn't even the best part: there are just three ingredients in this concoction - bananas, oats and cocoa powder. That's it.

    There's enough added sweetness from the bananas to satisfy your sweet tooth, but not so much that you'll want to go back to bed after satisfying your craving.

    Peanut butter "caramel" truffles. Did you know you can use dates to make caramel? You can, and it's delicious. Go ahead and test it on your toughest food critic and see if they can tell the difference. The dates are pitted and then whipped up into a smooth, creamy "caramel" without using an ounce of butter or cream. Treating yourself to one or two after dinnertime is a perfectly acceptable, diet-friendly treat you don't have to feel guilty about.

    If you want them to be extra tasty, channel your inner Salt Bae and top these off with a light sprinkling of sea salt.

    Cacao cake. This dense, moist cake has no refined sugar and no flour. With some simple substitutions, like almond flour and a few tablespoons of maple syrup, you're able to make yourself a grain-free, refined sugar-free, chocolate cake. The craziest part? It actually tastes good!

    The cake makes six servings, and it clocks in at only 289 calories and 8 grams of sugar per slice. In comparison, one Twinkie has a whopping 16.5 grams of sugar.

    Mint chocolate chip "nice" cream. Here's a dessert that tastes just as good as the real thing with hardly any added sugars. It's ice cream, but really it's "nice" cream, because it's not going to add inches to your hips like all those other ice creams that have upward of 200 calories per one measly half a cup serving. This ice cream, on the other hand, is delicious, satisfying and low-calorie to boot.

    Now that you have these healthy desserts in your food arsenal, you no longer have to feel tempted to break your diet at every sight or smell of cookies, cake or ice cream. Still be sure to watch your portion sizes and stay consistent. If you can do that, you'll eventually see the results you've been looking for, even if you do indulge in a delicious treat every now and again.

    Be sure to speak with your doctor before starting any new fitness or nutrition regimen.

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