Cold for Saturday and more wintry mix Sunday

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After a very cold Friday, we aren't going to get much relief for Saturday! Temperatures will drop off into the teens area wide heading into Saturday morning. This will be the coldest morning we've woken up to in about two weeks.

Fortunately, Saturday will feel a bit better than Friday, but you'll still need to bundle up. Wind chills top out around the freezing mark

We won't see any rain or wintry mix move in until the middle part of the morning on Sunday. A wintry mix is more likely west and northwest of D.C.

As warm air quickly moves into the area, the mix should change over to rain across the entire area shortly after lunchtime. Widespread slick roads are not expected, however, patchy issues could develop closer to the I-81 corridor.

Essentially, the farther north and west you live, you'll have to be more cautious in the morning. You'll likely be heading to your Super Bowl parties in the rain, but it shouldn't last too long.

All in all, it's a wet and chilly day for this year's Super Bowl. Stay safe and have a great weekend!

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